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"I am “Kanyashree” and I usher in good luck.
I am fame and I have my roots deep in mother earth.
I symbolise life; in me is the charisma of youth and I am the one who shapes destinies.
I am civilization and I am past the borders of ignorance.
I radiate with knowledge and transform the world to heavenly bliss.
I am wisdom; in me is the seat of learning, and I am the holy offerings of divinity.
I am part of the world family, and I am the pathway connecting the universe.
I am tomorrow; I resonate with hope, confidence, trust and development.
I am life; I am the ambassador of youth.
I am the girl child.
I am “Kanyashree”."

Mamata Banerjee

Hon'ble Chief Minister,

Government of West Bengal, India

"Kanyashree has been a visionary idea by our chief minister, the positive impact of which can be felt in the sharp increase of female examinees in the board examinations. Kanyashree has curbed the menace of young girls dropping out of school."

Dr. Partha Chatterjee,

Minister of Department of School Education,

Higher Education, Science and Technology and Biotechnology,

Government of West Bengal, India

“Kanyashree Prakalpa provides a safety net for those vulnerable families who are forced, by tradition, social compulsion or poverty, to truncate the education of their daughters and contract them to child marriages. Kanyashree makes a promise to every child: she can now confidently achieve her goal of a full education, for it shields her from being married off as a child.”

Dr. Shashi Panja,

Minister of State (Independent Charge),

Department of Women and Child Development & Social Welfare,

Government of West Bengal, India

“West Bengal is proud of its Kanyashree girls, and they have reason to be proud of themselves, for they are the harbingers of change.While teachers have noted that there is a surge of enthusiasm and confidence in their students, parents feel that their daughters now have a foundation, an asset, and that someday, they will be able to stand on their own feet. Kanyashree girls are extremely vocal—they speak of their desire to stay in school, to go onto greater things, to make something of their own lives.”

Roshni Sen,

Principal Secretary,

Department of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare

Government of West Bengal, India

"The initiative is close to my heart. Kanyashree has contributed in reducing the cases of child marriages. It is also helping in reducing the dropout rates in the schools. Educating people is an effective way to reduce child marriage and it will help in taking the country forward."

ForooghFoyouzat, Chief of Field Services, UNICEF India

(as reported in the Economic Times, August 2016)

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